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Did you know that 70% of the behaviours we engage in daily - what we do, what we say and how we say it - are driven by habits? The challenge is that, while our habits are fixed, the world around us changes constantly, from the moods of our co-workers to the market conditions under which we operate. When that change happens, our habits stop producing the results we are used to. That’s why in our workshops we are using a reflection-based development approach that allows our participants to become aware of their behavioural preferences, explore alternative approaches and then choose a new, more productive course of action that best fits their specific context and their goals. 

Our upcoming trainings

DATE: Nov 26-27

What is the story that makes your business idea a great idea? 

TARGET: Managers of all levels

DATE: Dec 03-04

Why is it that some leaders amplify the intelligence of people around them, while other leaders drain it?

TARGET: Middle and top managers