What’s the story that makes your idea a great idea?
Discover the workshop that helps transform your organization!


The Narrative Superiority Effect

Chip Heath discovered the Narrative Superiority Effect while working with his students at Standford. He asked them to argue the two opposing sides of a debate and provided them with an array of statistics and only 10% used a story to support their ideas, at the end of the class only 5% of the audience could recall a statistic while 63% could recall a story.


Our program will help you use this effect to have your ideas win in the boardroom.


Why sign up for this workshop?


This workshop is about a different presentation model – one where you learn to drive decisions and provoke change. Throughout this workshop you will acquire highly effective concepts and tools grounded in neurological research and enjoy the positive effects these concepts and tools will have on your presentation’s acumen, on your personal confidence as a presenter and on your ability to promote new ideas that drive organizational change and innovation.

This workshop will give you


  • The means to create a relatable story that connects with the audience and introduces your great idea in a persuasive way.
  • The process to organize multiple ideas and complex details into an easy-to-follow structure that supports your great idea.
  • The key principles to use for creating clear, compelling and easy-to-read slides to sell each idea in your presentation.
  • The opportunity to use all of the above while working on your next real-life presentation under the guidance of an experienced executive.



Bring your own presentation draft and apply everything your learn during the training!

Here is how your training will look like:


Session 1
The Story
Find the narrative that makes your ideas relevant and engaging
Session 2
The Structure
Organize complex ideas in a clear, easy-to-follow structure
Session 3
The Evidence
Identify the proof points that make your ideas credible
Session 4
The Situations
Work with presentation structures for key business situations
Session 5
The Slides
Create easy-to-read visuals that make your idea accessible
Session 6
The Charts
Select the charts to let data speak for your ideas
Session 7
The Design
Slide editing principles to improve clarity and guide the audience attention
Session 8
The Process
Break-down presentation design into logical steps for easier preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial investment?

Your financial investment for a two-day workshop including personalized guidance is 450 EUR + VAT.


Where does it take place?

The program takes place in Bucharest, at our headquarters on 29 Icoanei street.


How do I know this workshop is for me?

If your professional success depends on your ability to present your ideas persuasively to a management audience, then this workshop is very likely for you.