About Us

About Us


We are a team of talent explorers united by our passion for a new vision of leadership. Together we combine insights from five different backgrounds - psychology, HR, business, research and communication – and we use this complementary perspective as key differentiator in all our projects.

We put great value on self-reflection. Because in living our fast-forward lives, in our fast-changing environment, we lost that essential reflection space needed by our minds to envision and sustain any personal or professional growth. We have a plan to take that back.



Our mission is to prepare leaders for the future through a reflection-based leadership school, deeply grounded in research.



We bring to the Romanian market prestigious tools, developed and powered by our main strategic partners: CCL, SHL and The Wiseman Group. These certified methodologies have proven successful in organisations such as Oracle, Microsoft, GE or McKinsey and are shaped by our extensive insights about the local business landscape.

We deliver both dedicated programs, customized according to each organization’s needs as well as open workshops.



We use a development approach that favours self-awareness followed by immediate action as main development lever.


We use frameworks and insights grounded in proprietary and non-proprietary psychological research.


We provide development in the context of specific business initiatives using business cases and workplace challenges.